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  • September 30, 2013
  • PropellHer
  • Careers

10 words you shouldn’t use on your LinkedIn profile

It’s getting harder and harder to differentiate yourself from everyone else when looking for a job. LinkedIn can be the perfect opportunity for this, but describing yourself in a profile can be a real challenge. Often we see that people struggle with this and your profile ends up as a generic portfolio that makes you look like just another desperate job seeker. This can prevent you from finding that dream job and properly showing yourself off. People are using words like creative, innovative and dynamic so often that it doesn’t distinguish you from other candidates anymore. In fact, ‘creative’ was the number 1 overused buzzword on Linkedin last year. The other most frequently used terms on LinkedIn profiles were:

1.         Creative

2.         Organizational

3.         Effective

4.         Extensive experience

5.         Track record

6.         Motivated

7.         Innovative

8.         Problem solving

9.         Communication skills

10.       Dynamic

The problem with these phrases is that they are not specific to one type of skills. They can be used to describe anyone and everything – exactly what you don’t want when you’re applying for a job. Instead you should use language that illustrates your unique professional accomplishments and experiences and provides strong examples of results you’ve achieved. So instead of describing yourself as creative, describe a situation where you did something differently and explain why your unique approach was successful.

Giving details, rather than vague phrases, will help you make sure your online profile is the best representation of yourself and this will help you get that awesome job you’ve always wanted!

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