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  • September 30, 2013
  • PropellHer
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How to look great (by making your boss look good)

Looking great at work extends beyond what you wear. It’s all wrapped up in your work performance, attitude and how you make your boss look. And this is important for your career and your personal brand.

When your boss looks good, the whole department looks good and it will rub off on you. Your boss may not be the most competent or easiest to work with, but helping them in their role will ultimately pay off in your own career. Helping your boss look good doesn’t mean sacrificing your integrity or becoming a doormat. It does mean that your boss and other managers will notice your loyalty, attitude and hard work.

Nurturing your personal brand through your boss

Your personal brand grows and changes as you do. So your attitudes and actions at work impact your brand and integrity. Here are some tips to get you noticed by all the right people:

  • Don’t toot your own horn – Give your boss credit for work you have done together and hopefully, they will credit you themselves. Keep quiet about the things they do badly. They don’t need your help in that area.
  • Don’t be critical or gossip – If acknowledging something your boss gets wrong, be matter-of-fact, practical and fair. Don’t attack them personally.
  • Don’t get sidetracked or bogged by small things – keep perspective and let the small things go.
  • Be open and honest – Your boss and other managers will appreciate this and it will do wonders for your reputation as a worker.
  • Do your job well and be an active team member – Stay focused on your current projects and learn your boss’s concerns and goals. Offer solutions and help out without being asked. Your efforts in the background never go unnoticed.

Making your boss look good will always work in your favour. Loyalty and integrity are highly valued by senior managers and potential employers and teach you to be a great boss too.

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