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My dramatic career change: From a vet to a pole dancer

Many people change their careers throughout their lives, sparked by passion for an area they always wish they pursued. For me, my career change was sparked by an area I never even knew anything about discovered my dream job by accident and it has all been a blur from there.

Having worked as a Veterinarian for over 20 years, my wonderful veterinary career has included working as a country vet with shoulder length gloves and my arm buried in a cows backside, and as a city vet in a busy Sydney practice.

Smiling-sit-web(2)Now, I am a pole dancing instructor.

My career change was the result of seeing one of my veterinary nurses perform at her pole dancing concert after her first term. I started classes and was hooked straight away! It may be of interest that I did not start pole dancing until I was 40, which is also unusual as it’s mostly a sport for the 20 somethings.

I was progressing rapidly upwards through the levels. So one day, my partner and I had an epiphany – why not start up our own studio?

Undaunted by the fact that I had never taught before, we set up our first humble studio in Sydney’s North Western suburbs. With an initial enrollment of just 8 students, mostly my friends, Miss Fit Dance Studio was launched. However, it soon took off and we rapidly outgrew that space. Seven years later, we now have 3 locations with 4 studios running classes simultaneously, 10 teachers and over 300 students per term.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this industry is seeing the difference we have made to the lives of so many women. It’s so much more than just a fitness workout, pole dancing has a dramatic effect on self-esteem and body confidence which then has a positive flow on effect into other areas of their lives.

The business has been successful beyond our wildest dreams. I’m now an internationally qualified pole fitness and aerial yoga instructor. I run the studios and teach pole dancing 6 days a week, to women of all ages. Oh, and I also still work in the vet clinic one day a week!

I’ve never felt fitter, stronger and more flexible. I continue to defy the years. I have chosen to continue working as a veterinarian one day a week so that I keep touch with the profession and don’t lose the specific skills and knowledge required. My career is literally a balancing act, and I love it!

WORDS BY SARAH THOMPSON, Miss Fit Dance Studio, www.missfit.com.au. If you want to meet more women who have made dramatic career changes to pursue their dreams, ask a Mentor a question on the PropellHer Q&A page.

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