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Alice Moginie Interview – Merck Sharp & Dohme (HR Associate)

Dynamic, determined and younger than most professionals in her office, last year, Alice Moginie was named as a finalist in the HR Capital Awards Australia. Whether it’s networking or working her way up the corporate ladder, this is one woman with her eyes on the prize – and she sees no path to follow except the one to success.

 How do take your coffee?

Skim piccolo latte. I’m such a coffee nut! I love going to Manly for coffee.

 What would your ideal office attire be?

Something comfortable and that makes people able to represent who they really are. Sometimes the corporate uniform can be a bit restrictive, letting people express their personality through their clothing is helpful.

 What are the main blogs or sites you love to visit?

I love receiving the daily Women’s Agenda newsletters! It’s so relevant but it’s also a way of keeping up to date with current events and seeing people’s opinions on those current events – not just the news.

 Have you had any mentors in your career yet?

Yes definitely. I have two mentors at the moment. I’m lucky that both of them have such a vested interest in my future. One is from a HR background, which is helpful. He is able to tell me stories about his own experiences specific to HR and that helps me when I am trying to decide how to make decisions and what steps to take. Having someone that you can confide in outside the business is important.

 What do you think are the greatest benefits of mentoring in your career?

The story sharing part of it is my favourite part. When you’re able to remember stories people tell you about when they narrowly avoided a mistake or how they dealt with a crisis gives you advice to remember when the issues arise in your own circumstances.

 We’re giving a lot of advice to uni students and recent graduates. What advice would you give to people in these positions?

Say “yes” to as many opportunities as you can. You won’t regret trying something, you’ll just regret not trying something. I started out as a receptionist at this company and I just thought if I can shine in this, then they’ll realise I have a passion for the industry. Taking initiative to build relationships with people in the business that leads to the opportunities is important. That’s how I secured my role when I graduated.

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