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Setting your personal KPI’s

The word “career” holds a very different meaning for everyone. People apply for and accept jobs for a variety of personal reasons, whether they relate to financial gain, personal development or professional progress. It’s important for both our professional development as well as our personal well-being that we remain self-aware of our skill-set and our sense of contentment within our job. But often, as the daily grind begins to set in, we can end up losing sight of our original goals and aspirations.

Important factors to be aware of include knowing our future goals, the time period in which we want to achieve them, as well as the skills and qualities we will need to develop in order to achieve this. Therefore, where workplaces set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure their progress towards business related objectives, setting our own personal KPIs can help to measure personal progress and happiness.

We have decided to put together a list of personal KPI’s to help you gauge if you’re fulfilling your goals. Pick and choose the KPI’s most relevant to you, or make your own!

  • Develop a system for prioritising everyday tasks with larger tasks.
  • Develop a personal email signature and conversation tone that matches the various levels of management, clients and colleagues within your job.
  • Develop a mentor/mentee relationship of trust and confidence with your boss.
  • Identify skills that you lack or struggle with, and actively seek help to overcome them.
  • Skill development: working towards a professional qualification to support academic qualifications.
  • Try a cross-department assignment to diversify your understanding of your workplace.
  • Identify colleagues you can ask for help from when needed.
  • Negotiate a pay rise within 12 months.
  • Try for a promotion within 12 months.
  • Work your way towards delegation and management within your company.
  • Set up on your own business.
  • Getting chosen for a secondment to your ideal destination.

Setting goals for yourself will not only provide a tangible way to measure progress, but it can help to keep you career-motivated and positive about your industry. Personal KPIs also have the ability to let you know when it may be time to move on from a job, or ask for a raise. More than this, they will help you to develop self-awareness. Onwards and upwards!

If you’re unsure of what your personal KPI’s should be, or where to start, why not browse our Mentor directory and find your ideal mentor? They can help you to understand the various roles within your industry and the skills required to receive promotions, or transfer between departments.

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