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  • August 25, 2014
  • PropellHer
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Apps for career women

As an ambitious woman taking on the world, I feel more confident when I’m armed with my iPhone and iPad. I regard myself as a highly productive person, managing a successful career as an actuary alongside a start-up charity (Oz Fair Trade). I get asked a lot about what I do to keep sane and organised. Today, I’d like to share my secrets with you. Not only are the following apps extremely useful, they are also completely free!


This is my most frequently used app. It’s the best to-do list app I’ve ever used, and I’ve used quite a few. It can be installed and synced across devices, and I love that no matter which device I’m on, I’ll always get a reminder. I use the free version which is sufficient for my needs. I use it for shopping, work projects, paying bills on time, reminder to call parents etc. I love that I can update my list at anytime and anywhere when an idea pops into my head. Set deadlines and reminders, and trust Wunderlist to keep your life super organised.


A gorgeous app that allows you to be creative on an iPad. If you love to draw or hand write, then this app is a must. I use it for creative thinking and brain storming. Try it and you’ll love it.


I hate remembering so many different passwords. Lastpass is my saviour. It is a secure storage of all my passwords, accessible only by a master password. It can also generate secure, non-guessable passwords, and syncs across all devices. So I only need to remember one password! The added benefit is that I can now change my important passwords (e.g. online banking passwords) every so often without the need to remember any of them. This means better protection from hackers.


This is my most used social media app. It is clean and extremely easy to use. It schedules your posts to Twitter, Facebook and/or other social media platforms according to the times you set. What I love most is the Bufferapp browser extension, which allows buffer directly from Facebook and Twitter, and buffer any webpage and image you come cross on the web. Any small business owner would agree that social media can take up a lot of time and effort so Bufferapp is a must have.


When I need to manage a large project, I’ll use Trello instead of Wunderlist because it’s what it’s good at. Trello can be installed and synced across all platforms, and it gives a very clear picture of the status of the project i.e. who’s working on what, what needs to be done and what has been done. It is a lot more sophisticated than Wunderlist, and you need to invest some time to fully appreciate its features. However, it is extremely useful for a large project that involves many people. It is also a great record keeper.


I’ve recently discovered this business intelligence tool for small businesses that connects all platforms e.g. social media, Paypal, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Adwords, etc. It has everything laid out in clear and stylish format, so a business owner can get a top level view of how the business is doing in sales, social media and marketing. Although it is still in beta, I see great potential.

Dumbo Feather

This is my personal favourite magazine app. Be inspired while waiting for bus or having a coffee break. Dumbo Feather is more like a book than a magazine, and this free app features many of the past interviews with incredibly inspiring people. When I feel a bit down, this is the app I turn to.


Be inspired. Download your favourite TED Talks and watch at any time. It helps me to stay up to date with the latest thinking in areas I’m interested in (social entrepreneurship, microfinance, poverty etc.) and keeps all my favourite talks in one place.

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