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Being a Working Mum- How, What, When and Why

I always knew that I would be a working Mum. I love the juggle and the thrill of business and my daughter is happier for it I am sure. For some Mums that decision is not so clear so, what to do when the decision needs to be made to become a working mum – or not.

As Mums we hold within us some amazing talents for the job pool. Not only do we have we gained life skills but we also have Mummy skills that transition well into the workforce.  When looking at becoming a working mum look at what you ‘can do’ not what you haven’t done. Like most things in life It is all about How, What, When and Why.

Look at the How

Becoming a working Mum can happen early or late in the Mummy journey

  •  How are you going to work – at home/outside of home
  • How are the kids going to be looked after while you work
  • How will family life operate when you go back to work
  • How much do you need/want to earn

What motivates you?

Going back to work requires motivation so it is important to know what motivates you to go back to work. It can be money, sense of freedom, me time, doing what you love or something else entirely.

Once you know what your motivation is you can set your work goal and stick to it!

Work out when

When are you going to work? – full time, part time, nights, casual, there are lots of options for when you can work in a 24-hour society. If you work from home the when becomes even more important. You need to set the boundaries for you, work and family time.

Remember to be strong.  You mustn’t allow working to take over your life. Create the balance between work, home and family time.

And finally why

Why do you want to be a working Mum? It is the WHY that will keep you there and motivate you! Why are you working and what do you want to get from it.

For me, the how is I work from home running my own business with my supportive family and husband. My daughter plays alongside me.  However she has now started school which is a whole new juggle.  While working from is flexible, I try to maintain business hours though some late nights have been required. And why do I do it? It is part of me and I love what I do.

Being a working mum is not always easy but it is achievable with minimal stress and heartache. There will be bad days but many more good days where it all comes together and you feel amazing!

WORDS BY LINDA REED-ENEVER. As a Publicist and Marketing Consultant, Linda lives and breathes publicity with a passion for connecting; everything from people to ideas. Linda is the Principal Director at ThoughtSpot PR and Media Connections and with her ‘can do’ attitude and entrepreneurial spirit she inspires and motivates as she connects people and opportunity.

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