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  • September 16, 2014
  • PropellHer
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5 everyday habits_blog

5 everyday habits that lead to professional success

People tend to view success as an unattainable state or a simple stroke of luck. For anyone who has ever achieved a personal or professional goal, they know that success takes trial and error and a lot of elbow grease. For the majority of people, the ability to achieve a professional goal requires consistency and discipline.

If you have an end goal, how do you get from dreaming it to achieving it? Where do people connect the dots between a fantasy and success? It’s never been about being blessed with superhuman powers. Anyone with a plan can effectuate change in their lives with a bit of positive action. Studies show that simple everyday habits and attitude shifts can actually lead to the long-term achievement of goals. Here’s a few that we recommend:

1. Surround yourself with an active support network

If the people you associate yourself with are loving and supportive, they will provide you with the confidence to stay focused on your goals. Not only will a positive support network of friends and family encourage you to believe in yourself, but they can bring you back to earth when your ideas are out of touch. Furthermore, a support network give you ideas to bounce off.

2. Make “To Do” lists

Planning your days will make a big difference in the long run. Whether you write to do lists or just set tasks for each week, if you don’t give yourself a deadline, it’s difficult to remain motivated. “To Do” lists also allow you remain conscious of not overworking yourself, as you can see your days laid out ahead of you. Small preparatory steps help to break down the goal and make it seem more achievable.

3. Develop an early and consistent wake up time every morning

It’s actually just as important to get enough sleep as it is to get consistent amounts of sleep. It’s why sometimes you’ll schedule a long “catch up” snooze, and wake up feeling more tired than before your sleep. Earlier starts also obviously allow for you to get more hours out of the day when you are likely to be most productive.

4. Learn one new thing each day

Has there been a logical or random question you’ve always been burning to ask Google? Do you wish you asked your parents or grandparents for stories of their growing up? Don’t sit and wonder. Curiosity is a foundational quality behind maintaining inspiration and vigour. Even if your curiosity is aimed at a small query, it will help motivate you to search for new answers within your own path.

5. Keep a healthy body

We don’t need to tell you that regular exercise can help to calm your mind, ease your stress and stimulate your brain. However, when you’re extremely busy, hitting the gym can fall to the wayside. When exercise fails, walk to the bus stop, eat nutritiously or try to fit in a few sit ups before bed. You’ll be surprised how even tiny exercise and nutrition changes can improve your mind, body and career.

WORDS BY CYNDALL MCINERNEY. Not sure how to be at the top of your game? Ask a mentor what habits led them to success through our Q&A now.


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