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“Women are the most under-utilised economic asset in the world’s economy”

Angel Gurria, Secretary General OECD

We’re Changing That.

Mentoring: A Full Corporate Solution



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Matching professional women with aspirational career mentors across the globe.

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Mentoring: A Full

Corporate Solution

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According to the main barriers that women cite as impacting their advancement to senior levels, are issues within the work environment, including exclusion from informal networks, gender-based stereotypes, and a lack of role models.

PropellHer provides a solution to each of these issues by offering a suite of services that aims to overcome organisational conscious and unconscious bias, open up inter-sector networking, and increase access to role models all through the power of mentoring.

Research has shown that those who engage in mentoring as the mentee have reported benefits such as salary rises, rapid promotions and a sense of empowerment. But the benefits are not only for the mentees, with mentors also reporting a renewed sense of commitment to their organisation, personal satisfaction from the development of others and functional learning.

Mentoring also helps organisations by supporting the development and retention of employees as well as building a robust pipeline for future talent.

With so much evidence it’s not suprising that mentoring has found a space in 71% of Fortune 500 companies.

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The Importance of Personality

As with all interpersonal workplace relationships, the personalities involved play a huge role in the success of the pairing. After decades of research the Five Factor Model (FFM) of personality emerged as the most comprehensive, reliable and agreed-on model for understanding human personality. At its core are five factors that each hold a continimium on which individuals score. There is no dichotomy for which you are either one side or the other, rather a spectrum that allows for a diverse exploration of personality facets.

“There is an significant increase in the overall satisfaction of the mentoring experience for mentees when paired with a mentor with a compatible personality type to their own”Stromei (1999)

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The Five Factor Model of Personality


Your level of friendliness and kindness


Your level of creativity and curiosity


Your level of calmness and tranquility


Your level of organisation and work ethic


Your level of sociability and enthusiasm

With the FFM there are no right or wrong personality types. However certain personality types can be well matched whilst others not so.

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PropellHer for corporates was designed by HR professionals for HR professionals. You will find that it's very intuitive to use, with minimal input on your part. Just login to your HR panel and upload your mentee and mentor lists. PropellHer will then contact, onboard, match and manage the mentoring sessions. When you are ready, log back in and track the success of the mentoring as it occurs.

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Mentoring Management

The PropellHer platform manages all aspects of the mentoring program.

Personality Profiling

We match mentees with mentors based on psychometric profiling of personality factors.


All mentors are provided with quality training and an individual personality and leadership report.

Career Tools

Devised by career psychologists, PropellHer offers a number of career tools to support mentees and mentors.

Jobs Board

Our job board is the perfect place to find motivated and quality candidates looking for their next move.


PropellHer has a fantastic community of women from students to senior managers all coming together to support each other

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